Speaker Moore Recognized For Conservation Efforts

STUTTGART, Arkansas (September 21, 2012) – The Arkansas Natural Resources Commission passed a resolution on September 19, 2012 recognizing the work Arkansas House Speaker Robert S. Moore, Jr. has accomplished to protect the Arkansas’s resources.

The resolution commends Speaker Moore for his leadership is the passage of Act 249 of 2011, the Arkansas Water Plan. Speaker Moore made the passage of the Arkansas Water Plan one of his top priorities during the 88th General Assembly. The Arkansas Water Plan takes an inventory of the quality and quantity of all of the water in the state. The plan also identifies where the water needs will be in 50 years based on projections. Before the passage of Act 249, the plan had not been updated since 1989. Speaker Moore’s legislation appropriated $4 million to the Commission to update the plan.

“My desire to protect the resources of our state is rooted deep in my upbringing in Southeast Arkansas. The habitat of the Delta is like no other. This became even more evident during the years of my life I have spent farming on the rich soil in my hometown,” said Moore. “The biggest honor for me was watching fellow legislators stand beside me for the same cause. This recognition from the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission is a wonderful reminder of the work we accomplished by working together to protect our state during the 88th General Assembly.”

The resolution also commends Speaker Moore for co-sponsoring  legislation in planning the Delta Heritage Trail. The Delta Heritage Trail is a state park that will eventually wind through 73 miles of bottomland and wetland forest in some of the most remote and scenic areas of the Delta region.

Speaker Moore was also commended for establishing and expanding the Choctaw Wildlife Management Area, a prime location for hunting, fishing, and bird-watching.