House Districts Reminder!
Please be advised the “Find Your Representative” tool will direct addresses to the current representative. House districts will change in 2023.

House Staff

Roy Ragland Chief of Staff Email
Finos “Buddy” Johnson Parliamentarian/Coordinator of Legislative Services Email
Amber Pool Director of Operations/Executive Administrator to the Speaker Email
Sherri Stacks Chief Clerk/Fiscal Officer Email
Lennon Jones House Properties and Facilities Manager
Cecillea Pond-Mayo Chief Information Officer Email 501-682-7771 Cell: 501-682-7771
Martha Jarrow Director of Member Services Email
Tamitha Perser Legislative Analyst-Caucus Dist. #2 Email
Pamlir Smith Legislative Analyst - caucus Dist. #1 Email
Jenny Manning Legislative Analyst-Caucus Dist #3 Email
Amber Prather Travel Coordinator Email
Barrett Dudley Legislative Analyst-Caucus Dist #4/Assistant Parliamentarian Email
Shannon Smith Legislative Analyst-Caucus Dist. #4 Email
Gerald Spurgers Chief Security Officer/Sergeant at Arms Email 501-682-7771
Helen Gatrel Administrative Receptionist
Tory Freeman Administrative Specialist Email 501-682-7771
Patricia Drone-Oliver Assistant House Properties and Facilities Manager
Emily Gruber Assistant Chief Clerk/Assistant Fiscal Officer Email
Will Tracy Communications Specialist/Videographer Email
Robin Voss Administrative Specialist/Grants Coordinator Email
John T. Vines Chief Legal Counsel Email
Daniel Loyd Legislative Analyst-Caucus Dist. #2 Email
Malisha Straw Legislative Analyst-Caucus Dist. #3 Email
Rayna Mackey Communications Specialist/Photographer Email
Leah Donovan Legislative Analyst-Caucus Dist #1 Email